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This article is for people who are in the business of lifting and loading heavy objects. We will be discussing a very famous modular system that is installed in the trucks that makes your truck more efficient in terms of loading and unloading materials.

Let us assume, you are new in this whole business and don’t have too much idea about the terms we will be discussing so to make things easier let us begin from the manufacturing of the HIAB and move on to more interesting information including how much can hiab crane lift, what is a hiab truck, loader crane, truck mounted crane and summing up with hiab capacity of mechanical loading weights.

So without further ado let us begin from understanding HIAB.

Knowing HIAB

HIAB Hydrauliska Industri AB pronounced as ‘High ab’ is a manufacturer of loader cranes, forestry crane, tail lifts, truck-mounted forklifts for loading heavy material over a short distance and many other, mechanical vehicles for a similar purpose.

The HIAB is a Swedish manufacturing company that is owned and managed by Ilkka Herlin, Chairman of Cargotec Corporation that is responsible for making Kalmar, Macgregor and of course HIAB. For your information note that this company is a worldwide product serving a company with an excellent industrial type of machinery.

Here was the basic information of HIAB, now for more information on how does it functions or what it the framework of HIAB.

Framework and Structure of HIAB

As you may have understood by now that HIAB is a modular system for loading & unloading, maneuvering and most importantly making the cranes, trucks and other vehicles more stable during the process. There are other systems for the same work but not every system installed in vehicles is simple, easy to operate and a rounder in performance.

HIAB, on the other hand, is in a different league, and one of the biggest reasons that separate HIAB from other modular systems is the framework of HIAB. Let us see and learn how HIAB frameworks make it so perfect.

The control system– HIAB as a very easy, smooth and versatile control system. HiPro and HiDuo remote control systems are what make it so popular in the world. HiPro provides you smooth and speedy functioning, whereas HiDuo control systems give you an all-round performance.

Variable Stability Logic Plus – VSL plus is a type of safety system in HIAB used to maximise the capacity of the weight that the truck or crane is holding. In simple terms, VSL plus manipulate the lifting capacity of the vehicle, by calculating different aspects like the weight of the material, the position of stabiliser leg, etc.

Crane Tip Control – Also known as CTC, the crane tip control is a feature that allows the operator to focus on the weight of the material the crane is holding. With CTC you don’t have to worry about other aspects like crane’s movement, extension, first boom, second boom, etc.
SAF – Semi-Automatic Folding is a feature that provides the crane operator to fold and unfold the crane with a single lever without damaging the hydraulics and overall crane body.

The other features of HIAB are – Automatic Duty Control, Automatic Speed Control, Boom Deployment Assistant, Full Sequence Cylinders, etc.

The above-highlighted frameworks are used in combination to successfully complete a project. Now as you have learned some basics of HIAB structure and features it possess, let us now learn how much a hiab crane can lift.

Capacity & Range of HIAB Crane

hiab truck

Hiab light capacity loader crane – Talking about light-capacity loader crane, the maximum capacity of the crane is 12-tonne meter. Due to the size, such cranes can be installed in small to medium-sized vehicles making it a powerful and versatile combo.

T- series, and X- series of HIAB are the best example for so here are two brands and specifications for more understanding.

  1. HIAB T-009 has a capacity of 0.9tm, CTX control system installed and with a boom length up to 2.7 meters.
  2. HIAB X-Duo 128 has a capacity of 11tm, with a boom length up to 12.7 meters and an X-Duo control system installed.
  3. Other- HIAB X-HiPro 122, HIAB X-Duo 088, HIAB X-Duo 078, etc.

Hiab medium capacity loader crane range – The medium-capacity loader crane lifts between 12tm to 30tm. Such cranes can be used in digging, transportation of materials (gravel, sand) and other road works like fitting pipes. The medium capacity loader crane is highly flexible and with the specialized configuration, it can make the crane more optimistic for work.

Knuckle-boom cranes of X –series, L-series, and Z- series are included in medium capacity loader crane. Here are some examples.

  • HIAB X-HiDuo 298
  • HIAB X-HiDuo 258
  • HIAB X-HiPro 162

Hiab heavy loader crane range – The crane under this category has a capacity of over 30-tonne meter. If your main focus is the crane in your work then heavy loader crane is the best option for you, as it will provide you outstanding performance and power.

For logistic facility heavy lifting, construction, rescue work, etc. Hiab heavy loader crane is used as they have a long-boom system. Here are some examples.

  • HIAB X-HiPro 1058
  • HIAB X-HiPro 858
  • HIAB X-HiPro 638E
  • HIAB X-HiPro 548E

Final Words

HIAB is an excellent choice for you if you have a business related to loading and unloading and moving materials. The reason for that is its excellent, framework that has been discussed above along with how fast, optimistic, and durable the HIAB manufactured machinery is. Plus we read how much capacity a HIAB crane has.

For a wise choice, HIAB has to be a number one on your list if you plan to choose and purchase an item that will provide you with excellent, and easy operating manuals and less time consuming in the installation process. HIAB offers you loader crane, recycling cranes, forklifts, MOFFETT truck-mounted, tail lifts, MULTILIFT demountable, etc. And so here you have it, hope you have found what you were looking for in the above mentioned paragraphs.

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