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When you’re tasked with managing the logistics of a personal or professional construction project, it’s important to research and understand just what your best options may be. Grab hire lorries are starting to take shape as one of the most popularised forms of waste and debris storage and disposal, which every single construction project needs to have taken care of. In this post, we’ll help you understand all of your grab hire needs, including how you may wish to utilise them, and what price you can expect to pay for such services.

What Is A Grab Hire?

Grab hire lorries are superior to standardised skips, as they provide you with a large, open storage space for runoff construction materials, garden waste and debris you may wish to remove from your working environment, and dispose of in line with legal requirements. Instead of a skip being situated in a singular area for the entirety of your construction timeline, grab hire lorries have the benefit of being mobile, and of taking care of the practical solutions you have for logistics thanks to this.

Utilising a competent hydraulic grab arm and bucket to help you transport your waste debris into the storage container safely and efficiently, a grab hire lorry is also a secure and reliable means of handling your construction waste.

Why Take Grab Lorry Services?

It’s extremely difficult to accurately predict just how much waste a construction site of any kind will produce, and so it’s best to prepare ahead of time for this logistical necessity. Grab hire lorries are far superior to conventional skips, as they can offer up to three times as much storage space at a lower cost. This is because instead of having the skip waiting in your construction area until it is full, grab hire lorries arrive, help you load your waste, and drive it off site. As far as most building site managers or home renovation experts are concerned, the more quickly this waste is moved off site, the better and more efficient the project can be taken care of. We’d be inclined to agree.

Perhaps one of the glowing benefits of lorry grab hire is that you needn’t have to apply for a skip license, as the grab hire is not on site and does not provide a safety hazard or logistical difficulty in this manner. As such, you’re not only saving money, but time, hassle, energy and further effort, allowing you to focus on the construction tasks that progress your project.

How Much Is It To Hire A Grab Lorry?

This can be harder to quantify because so much depends on what your size requirements are, what kind of waste you hope to remove from the building site, and the logistical expectation of where to collect such debris. However, it’s not uncommon for most grab lorries to charge around £160-£200, but rates can be higher or lower depending on your usage and needs.

However, while it can seem as though paying this every time you need waste removed will start to add up quickly, remember that grab hire lorries boast three times the storage capacities of conventional skip services. This means that you’re saving money through pure functionality alone, adding thorough value to this proposition to begin with. That’s a fantastic place to start.

Benefits Of Grab Hire

Logistical cost, thanks to the affordability and subsequent storage availability of grab hire lorries, is more than worth the entry fee. You can remove higher quantities of waste more frequently thanks to this vital functionality, and trained professionals will aid you with the loading process each time.

Lessens manual labor and the need to struggle transporting skips around. A quick arrival, loading process and handshake are all it takes to experience the speed and efficiency of grab hire services.

Suitable for all construction projects, from a DIY home renovator slowly building his own extension, to a full-time construction project making use of the working hierarchy of construction professionals, no job is too big or small.

Proper disposal of waste is given thanks to the licensed transfer stations your debris will ultimately end up at. This can give you a sense of composure knowing that you’re following thorough regulations and your waste has been taken care of appropriately.

In Closing

For anyone starting a construction process and struggling with the logistics of waste disposal, grab hire lorry services offer a thorough, functional, efficient and reliable service that can help you gain peace of mind. From increased storage capacity to quick and easy mobile pickup, they are vastly superior options to standard skips, and are likely to become a vital service to use throughout the progression of your construction project.

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